Annika Vestel (NO, 1986), is educated within physical theater at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland, and has been active as a performing and creative artist within the field of dance and physical theatre since 2012. As a choreographer/creator she is particularity interested in how different kinds of movement based and visually oriented expression can work as powerful communicative tools on stage, and her performances usually operate with associative and sensually oriented approaches to dramaturgy rather than with narratives, aiming to stimulate a more physically direct and intuitive way of understanding, beyond words. Annika also has a strong interest in costume design and always creates costumes and set-design for her own projects, sometimes also for others.

Artistic leader/own projects:

The movement machine (2019): Artistic leader and performer together with Signhild Wærsted. Supported by the Norwegian arts council.

-Bidrottningen (2018): Audiovisual performance at Galleri M, Sweden. Performer and creator together with Emily Willman.

-Turtle Plays (2018): Collaboration between Vestel Scenkonst (Annika Vestel´s company) and In The Water Theatre Company. Shared performance night consisting of the solo-performance Turtleyou by Annika Vestel and The House of Cards by ITW. 7 performances at The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn in November. Supported by Konstnärsnämnden.

-Cracked (2016-2018): Solo-danceperformance. Choreographer, performer and costume designer. Co-produced by and premiered at Atalante in Gothenburg 2016 as a part of a shared evening with Eva Ingemarsson´s solo Depurazione. The performance-event was a part of The day of dance arranged by Dancerntrum Väst and the theaters SKOGEN, Atalante and 3:Våningen in Gothenburg. Has also been performed at Multiplié Dansefestival (NO), Tatt Av Heimdal performance festival (NO), and at Dansstationan Malmö (SE).

-Turtleyou! (2013-15): Choreographer, performer and costume/set designer. Premiered at Abundance International Dance Festival 2013 (SE), and has been performed at Atalante (SE)Tokalynga Flying Theatre Festival (SE), the festival Human Myth at Warehouse 9 (DK), and at Teatertribinalen (SE).

-Superjam (2016-18): Artistic leader and performer together with Johanna Ståhl. Explorative research project investigating aspects of movement and voice improvisation. Done in collaboration between Vestel, Ståhl, Michael Norlind, and voice-artist Ulrik Barfod (DE) with support by among others VGR, Kultur i Väst, and Gerlesborgsskolan.

-Moving Mouths (2015): Choreographer and performer together with Jonathan Taylor in the dance theatre performance Moving Mouths. Performances at the stage-art seminar Kulrörta Lyktor organized by Sentrum för scenisk rörelse och eget skapnde, Gerlesborg (SE), and at Tokalynga Teaterakademi Halland (SE).

-Reflections (2014): Outdoor solo-danceperformance performed at the festival Fronteras Des Artes in Matao, Brazil, and at Festival Franje in Arendal, Norway. Pre-project for Cracked.

-Run For Your Life (2014): Artistic leader for the community-dance project Run For Your Life – a paperless relay-race, together with Paolo Zuccotti and Haroon Natan. Supported by Kultur i väst. Part of the bigger project Motbilder (counter-immages) arranged by Institute for contemporary art and ideas, Gothenburg.

-Human Fly (shortfilm, 2007): Co-director and dancer. Presented at the festival New Up And Coming Film Festival in Hannover, Germany. Participated in the festival’s international competition under the heading “experimental dance-film”.

Creative performer:

The Children of The Sun (2019): Interactive art performance at the gallery Knippsu in Bergen (NO). Dancer, and co-creator together with dancer Georgiana Dobre and visual artist Kjersti Vetterstad.

-Jag är här (2018+19): Dance/theatre performance about gender fluidity organized by Teaterambulansen. Performances in Gotland and Malmö during 2019.

-The Girl and the Sea Turtle (2012-18): Co-creator and performer in Teater Albatross´ physical theatre performance Flickan och Havssköldpadan (The Girl and The Sea-turtle)Ca 120 performances in total performed around in Sweden. Filmatisation in 2014.

-RAVN (2017+2018): Performer for choreographer Torgunn Wold. Artistic residency “Seanse” in Volda, Norway 2017 + and in Fredrikstad (Norway), arranged by the dance-organization Dansekunst i Østfold in 2018.

-Sover Du? (2017): Pre-roject and production period for the interactive dance-theatre show for children. Artistic leader: Signhild Wærsthed. Performances as part of the festival “Figur i Fossekleiva”, Norway 2017.

-Bacchic (2015 + 2016): Creative performer for In The Water Theater Company (USA), in the physical theatre performnce Bacchic, directed by Jonathan Taylor. Performances in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

-Til Overs (2014): Creative performer, co-concept developer and costume-designer for the interactive children-danceperformance Til Overs (NO). Artistic leader: Signhild Wærsthed. Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.

-Inferno – A pop into the psychotic state of finance (2014): Creataive performer for the physical theatre performance directed by David Bolander and organised by Allikateratern. Performances at Teater Uno (SE).

Norwegian Airlines Jubilee Concert (2012): Createvie performer for the video-projections in the singer/songwriter artist Jarle Bernthoft’s concert at the Norwegian Airlines Jubilee Concert at Telenor Arena (NO). Artistic leader: Signhild Wærsted.


-Moby Dick (2019-20): Production by Danskompaniet Spinn. Choreographer: Chiara Bersani (IT). Premiere in Italy in 2020.

-Miramos (2018-20): Production by Danskompaniet Spinn. Choreographer: Torgunn Wold.

-Att skriva dansen /Writing Dance (2019): Collaboration between Danskompaniet Spinn and Författarförbundet. Choreographed by the company. Performances in Gothenburg, Oslo and Strömstad.

-Bortom Havet /Byond the Sea (2016): Physical theatre performance by Teater Albatross, Sweden. Performances at schools in Halland.

-Håll i Hatten (2013 + 14): Dance-theatre performance by Big Wind, Gothenburg, Sweden. 15 performances in schools and theatres around Gothenburg.

– Toc Toc Varieté (2010): Physical actor/dancer/clown. Directed by Bernard Stockli and Andreas Manz. 30 shows in different theaters in Switzerland and Germany.

Artistic recidencies:

-Norsk Skuespillersenter (2016): Pre-project for the project “Eye-Catcher”

-Atalante (2015): Practical research for Cracked.

-Gerlesborgsskolan (2014 + 2016): Research-residensies in collaboration with Johanna Ståhl. Mentoring: Michael Nordlind. Organised by Kultur i väst.

-Dansit (Trondheim, 2013): Production period for Turtleyou!. (NO).

-Arena Vestfossen (2013): Production period for Turtleyou!. (NO).


-Koreografisk Journal (2014): Published the texts Absolute Hospitality and Naked Critique in the Swedish magazine about choreography Koreografisk Journal.


2019: Costume designer for the production The Movement Machine.

2018: Costume designer for Torgunn Wolds dance performance RAVN.

2017: Costume designer for the music-theatre soloperformance Gertrud, by and with Johanna Ståhl.

2013-2017: dance theacher through several one-week wokshops at schools. Generally teaching dance technique and choreographies that is performed by the students as a part of a bigger performance with the rest of the school.

2016: External eye for the physical theater performance “Helig” by Theater Albatross.

2014: Costume designer for the performance Til Overs.

2013: External eye for the dancetheatre performance “The Melody that disappeared”.

2012: co-costume designer / assistant for The Girl and the Sea Turtle, under the guidance of scenographer Åsa Lieberath. The performance won the price for best scenography/costumes at the international theatre-biennal  “Smolenskij Ark” in Russia in 2014.

Grants & Scholarships:

-Konstnärsnämnden (Internationellt kulturutbyte, 15 000 kr): «Turtleplays»

– Göteborg Stads kulturnämnd (Projektstöd, 60 000 kr): “Cracked Extended” planned for spring 2018.

-Västra Götaland Regionen (FRISPEL, 2016. 100 000 kr): Grant for the research project “Superjam”.

-Göteborg Stads Kulturnämnd (PRONTO, 2015. 35 000 kr): Grant for the performance “Cracked”.

-Göteborg Stads Kulturnämnd (PRONTO, 2014. 14 000 kr): Grant for the performance “Turtleyou!”

-Kultur i väst (2014, 40 000 kr): Grant for the community-dance project “Run For Your Life – a paperless relay race”.

-SITI Scholarship (2015) Scholarship for the intensive 1 month international workshop SITI Summer Theatre Workshop with the SITI Company (NY).

-Gösta Terseruds Stipendiefond (2015): Scholarship for SITI Summer Theatre Workshop.

-Kultur och Ungdom kulturstöd (2016): Grant for the performance Cracked.

-Skippsreder Willhelmsens stiftelse (2017): Grant for explorative research with improvisation and voice.


*Scuola Teatro Dimitri, physical theatre academy in Switzerland (2008/10).

* Teaterns teori och praktik (Theatre science), 60 ect. Course at Malmö Theatre Academy and The University of Lund (2017-18).

*Nordiska Folkhögskolan, the theatre department. Sweden (2010/11).

*Nordland Kunst -og filmfagskole (The art and film school in Nordland), Norway (2006/07).

*Trøndertun Folkehøgskole, the dance department (2004/05).

*Fagerborg vgs (Norwegian high school), the ballet department (Kirkenær). Oslo, Norway (2002/06).

*Trained with the SITI Company in the SITI Summer Theatre Workshop in Saratoga, New York. 1 month (2015)

* The Subboddy Butoh School, 1 month course in Butoh-dance at in Dharamsala, India (2007).





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