[Inf.]-e²=Rn0 – a pop into the psychotic world of finances


[Inf.]-e²=Rn0 A pop into the psychotic state of finances is a physical, humorous and twisted play that takes the audience on a journey into the borderland between fiction and reality in the world of economics. The performance premiered January 2014 at Theater UNO in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was produced by Allikateatern.

The performance is based on an idea of dramatizing Strindberg’s odd novel Inferno. Early in the process we left the idea of a close adaptation of the novel for the stage. We wanted to have a wider approach to the text and started to look further away from Strindberg, but kept some inspiration and elements of the novel. Strindberg´s alchemy and occultism became quant economics, and the hotel room became an office. Strindberg´s health condition in his novel can be likened with a psychosis and that was something that interested us, especially in relation to the society. In psychosis there’s something called ”islands of clarity”, were you for a short moment think clear and realize that you’re ill. In the same way, we think that we’re living in an unhealthy state of society, with mass consumption, environmental degradation and all kinds of exploitation of humans and animals. But through politics and an economic framework, we are protected from taking our ”islands of clarity” seriously and from being forced to leave the illusion of our secure existence.

To create the play we’ve worked devised without a finished script, and built it step by step, based on the sources of inspiration we gathered during the process. This open way of working has had a great impact of the result, and has enhanced the surrealistic feeling were time and space becomes uncertain.

Director: David Bolander.

Co-creators and performers: Annika Vestel and Peter Jägbring.

Scenographer: Jenny Emanuelsson.


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