Run For Your Life! – a project in the borderline between performance, activism and sport. The aim was to rise awareness about the living conditions of undocumented people. 

The 13th of September we invited people of all ages and physical conditions to run a symbolic relay-race in solidarity with paperless people in Sweden and abroad. It tok form of a collectivistic, non-competitive relay-race with ingredients such as music, empathy-warmup, temporary confiscation of the participants ID-cards and more.

The project was made by Annika Vestel and Paolo Zuccotti, in collaboration with Haroon Natan, which is himself paperless and had the first ide of realizing an artistic sport event dealing with migration issues.

Leonel Daniel Jäderberg did the soundscapes during the event, and Jan Husták dokumented it.

Run For Your Life was supported by Kultur i Väst as part of their community-dance program and was performed as part of the exhibition Motbilder organized by the Institute fro Contemporary Art and Ideas in Gothenburg.

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