“The turtle should be fat and as fresh as possible – alive and kicking”

Turtleyou is a visual, grotesque and associative solo-performance about meat, in the broad sense of the word. It can be understood as a movement-based staging of the recipe Turtle-soup, real from the old Norwegian cookbook Stor kogebog, and uses a mixture of choreography, spoken and recorded text, video projections, and sound. By letting the visual material change between illustrating and contrasting the recipe-text does the meaning of the words open up and different subtexts appear. The recipe becomes a sort of springboard from which the audiences associations can expand, and move towards aspects such meat-consumption, power, human/animal dualism, objectification, and gender. The performance is among other inspired by the book The Sexual Politics of Meat – a feminist-vegetarian critical theory, by Carol J. Adams. And several documentaries about the worlds meat-industry.

Until now Turtleyou! has been played at the theatre Atalante in Gothenborg, Abundance International Dance Festival, Tokalynga Flying Theatre Festival, Teatertribunalen, and at Warehuse 9 in Kopenhagen. 7 performances will also be done at The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn in November 2019, as a part of the shared performance evening Turtle Plays.

Choreography/directing, videoanimation, scenography, costume, and prformance by Annika Vestel. 

Sound by Cha Blasco.

The performance is supported by Konstnärsnämnden and Göteborg Stads Kulturnämnd.

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