About Vestel Scenkonst

Vestel Scenkonst is particulary interested in how different kinds of movement based and visually oriented expression can work as powerful communicative tools on stage. The productions usually operate with associative and sensually oriented approaches to dramaturgy rather than with narratives, aiming to stimulate a more physically direct and intuitive way of understanding, byond words.

Vestel Scenkonst´s previous works include, among other, the performances “Cracked” (2016) and “Turtleyou”(2014), both with support by The Arts Council of Gothenburg and “Scenen Atalante”, the explorative research-project “Superjam” (2016), done with support from the VGR Arts Council in Sweden and in collaboration with “Scenkonst Gerlesborg” and Johanna Ståhl, and the community-dance project “Run For Your Life” done in collaboration with Paolo Zuccotti and Haroon Natan.

Vestel Scenkonst is an interdisciplinary stage art company based in Sweden and led by Annika Vestel since 2014.

Contact Vestel Scenkonst at: 

tlf (Annika Vestel): 0047 90855812

e-mail: vestelscenkonst@gmail.com